Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A MUST- see

Last night Jeremy took me to see The King's Speech.  Now I understand why there is so much buzz about this movie!  I had no clue what it was about beforehand; Jeremy thought I would enjoy it more if I had no foreknowledge of the plot.  (for that reason, I will also avoid sharing too much) Colin Firth was great, you could feel the pain of his character.  Helena Bonham Carter was witty and fun.  Geoffry Rush though, in my opinion, was the star.   He was phenomenal! It was the perfect date movie too; no blood, not packed with action/adventure, not overly mushy or sappy- just a fantastic story.  I can see this being one we will buy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

blue birthday balloon

At the end of gymnastics today, Nahshon's wonderful (and very patient) coach gave him a balloon to celebrate his upcoming 3rd birthday.  When we got home, he drew a face on it and named it King Julian.

*Thank you, Rachel for taking this lovely picture!*

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yeah...... I believe ya.....

Just walked into the kitchen where Bella and Isaac were talking.  Bella looked over her shoulder and said, "we're just talking, mama."  Um, that's perfectly fine Bell.  Then Isaac chimed in, "but we're not talking about you!"  Well, I didn't think you were, but I do now!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Awesome Christmas Gifts

Since I still have no clue where my camera cord is, I thought I would just share some of neat things that found their way under our Christmas tree this year.

Jeremy and I like to encourage a giving heart in our children, so at Christmas time they each get to pick a gift for me and Jeremy.  This year, "Noah" gave me a Kindle!!

I love reading, and reading on a Kindle makes it so much easier to actually sit down and enjoy a book with a handful of kids running around me.  I just finished my first Kindle book too- My Life in France by Julia Child.  It's a lovely book, and I highly recommend it.

Next up on my list of cool Christmas stuff, is this gift from Micaiah:

It's a purse hook!  Mine doesn't look exactly like this, but it's the same style.  If you are like me and have never even seen one of these before, here is what it's for:

It gives you a handy place to hang your handbag when you go out! Brilliant, right?

Now on to this little cutie:

This was not one of my gifts, but what the big man left for Nahshon.  I think this little play kitchen is too stinkin' adorable!  I love that it's wood;no sound effects mean my kids get to use their imagination to the fullest!  It's small, which means it fits perfectly in my living room.  And it's red, so it matches my living room too!  Nahshon also got a large set of mini metal pots and pans, and mini baking accessories to boot!  This set has been played with everyday since Christmas.

I know I'm a little late to the party with this next one, but it's too great not to mention:

Aquadoodle!  My kids are notorious for coloring all over their bodies (they ALL have gone through a phase where they doodle themselves head to toe!), so this is just awesome.  I especially love the fact that since you "paint" on it with water, I never have to worry about markers drying out, crayons getting cracked, and if the water pen gets lost you can just use paint brushes, sponges, or even your hands!

Of course there were many more things under the tree, but these were just a few of my personal favorites.  Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

not a newborn anymore

Today while playing with Noah, he grabbed my hand a bit down on my fingers to show me the power of his new (and very sharp!) teeth!  Wasn't he just born like two weeks ago?  How can he possibly be 5 months old and growing teeth already?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Liar, Liar, now my oven's on fire!

Ugh!  Not the best way to kick off a new year.  Two nights ago I made scalloped potatoes au gratin.  Unfortunately, I used a baking dish that was a bit too small, and some of the lovely cream sauce bubbled over into the bottom of the oven.  Now, normally I'm very careful about not spilling things in the oven (that's usually Jeremy's job), and then I completely forgot about it. Until today.  I just whipped up the loveliest smelling garlic pizza dough, because the kids and I were going to use our wonderful new pizza stone to bake a pizza tonight.  I popped the stone in the oven, turned it on, and a few minutes later noticed the oven was smoking.  I asked Jeremy if I should worry or if the heat would just burn it off.  He assured me the heat would just burn it off.  Being cheeky, I said "so you promise it's not going to start a big fire?"  He laughed, and said no, not at all.  Fast forward 3 minutes, I look over at the oven and realize I have a toasty little fire going! I yelped and went for the baking soda, which is the exact moment Genna noticed it and started screaming FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! And all the kids ran outside. In the snow. In their bare feet.  To sum it all up- The fire is out.  My house smells like smoke.  Dinner is being delivered from the pizza place around the corner. And my husband is a big fat liar.

And this is all typed in white and highlighted in charcoal so you can get the feel of what my smoke infested house feels like.  Isn't it nice how I bring you right in to my world?