Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm not certain, but......

It's possible this might be why I have so much trouble getting Nahshon to sleep these days

relax, the cup was empty

I think he needs a hammock

He "layed" like this for about 10 minutes, enjoying his apple in the late afternoon sunshine

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh Bella.....

What's that sound? Better yet, what's that smell?

Turns out, there is just one answer for both questions: Bella and Nahshon in the shower spraying each other with Lysol. When I asked her why, she said it was so they wouldn't stink anymore. I reminded her that soap has the same effect, to which Bella responded, "oh, right!". Never a dull moment folks, never a dull moment.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yup, exactly the same

While I was preparing dinner, Genna was sitting on the kitchen counter chatting with me when she said:

"Avocados are like bananas. Except avocados are rounder, green, they have a pit, and they taste different"

Jeremy said perhaps she is becoming aware that all matter is similar in that it's all made up of energy. Yeah, I'm sure that's it hun............

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You know your a mom when...........

You go out with your husband and while at the restaurant you discover glue sticks, princess sunglasses and yo-yo's in your purse.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This ain't your gramma's tater salad picnic!

Although, it would actually be a picnic suited well to my great-grandmother. She was an advocate of cookies before dinner, and often said that a piece of cheese and a banana was all a person needed to have a well balanced diet. Anyways.........

While over in Conconully we decided to drive over to Grand Cooley Dam and see the laser show. (we did this last year too, it's pretty cool) Unfortunately when we arrived the show was already half over, and we somehow missed the turn to get to the stadium seating. No biggie though, because this led us to a new kind of family fun: a candy picnic and tag in the dark! We ended up on a great little grassy area right next to the dam to enjoy the last half of the show. After the lasers went off, people cleared out quickly, and we were left in the dark, next to this amazing structure, with a whole bag of candy intended for the kids during the show. In true Cranson Family Fun style, we opted to hang out for a while and have a picnic with our treats, then kicked off our shoes for a game of tag before taking the long drive back to the lake house. No pictures though, I was too busy having fun with my kids. ;)

How does that happen?

Wanted to do some gardening today, and could only find left hand gardening gloves. Where are all the right hands? Also, why is it that bees are so good at getting into the house, but are complete morons when trying to get out? The front door is wide open, and as I type there is a bee flying itself into a tiny dot of paint on the ceiling over and over and over and over.......

Saturday, August 22, 2009

HA! I now have proof!

cry baby

Genna took this little video when Micaiah was a month old. So sad, but so cute!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here comes Dr. Genna again

It seems Genna's new Felicity doll has the flu. I was a bit concerned when Genna reported that Felicity's temperature was 130 degrees, but Genna assured me that she'd be fine because she was scheduled to have an ice bath any minute, and if that didn't work to bring her fever down, she would run cold fluid through a tube into her body. (an IV) She expected Felicity to be down for about a week, but Felicity made a miraculous recovery on the news of a play date tomorrow. Thank goodness she's going to be OK!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Elijah rocking the baby to sleep

hanging on the dock

Isaac, just pinching Cai's cheek like no one is watching

I'd like to tell you Nahshon is not aiming for Isaac's head, but honestly, I can't be sure

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a nature walk in Conconully

You may have noticed the vacation pics are coming in drops and dribbles. I just never got around to organizing myself enough to get things posted quickly and in an orderly fashion. Plus, it's fun for me to slowly look back over those few days we spent at the lake.

off to see what we can see

Nahshon: Wait for me guys!!

naturally, he is then given the best spot in town

Bella's Barbie hitched a ride too

Daddy getting his strength training in
(that's about 65lbs of toddlers there!)

They were a little annoyed I made them walk slow so I could take this picture. I have now become THAT mom with the camera

taking a little break next to a stream

kids sing songs

OK, we've all had a song or two where we totally and completely got the lyrics wrong, but it's always funnier when a kids does it. The kids have been singing some little autumn jingles around the house lately, and this is what I heard:

Genna's version

I like to roll in the leaves,
feel the cool breeze,
stuff a scarecrow top to bottom........

Bella's version

I like to roll in the leaves,
feel a cool breeze,
stuff the scarecrow UP his bottom.........

Perhaps it's time to get Bella one of those sing along videos where the little ball bounces above the lyrics

Monday, August 17, 2009

I love Scholastic!

If you've been following along, then you know by now how much I love books. You also probably know that I like getting good deals. (6 kids can get expensive!) Combine those two together, and you get Scholastic Book Clubs! My first order of the school year came today: 30 new books for $40! (good titles too, and two of the books are hardcover) I love how my kids just dive right into the new books, and I especially love how they understand the value or reading. Now I must go, my children are wanting story time :)

Jump right in, the water is great!

Just a few shots from swimming in Lake Conconully

Sunday, August 16, 2009

sister chatter

What I overheard Genna saying to Bella:

No, Bella, I don't know everything; I know ALMOST everything.......

If you have a question, a riddle you can't solve, or just need to know the meaning of your life, ask Genna. She apparently knows almost everything. Or you could just take a Facebook quiz, those also can affirm your deepest desires, fears, and tell you how you should live your life in 10 questions or less.

happy birthday Isaac!

Just a few shots of his birthday at the lake house

his chocolate rice crispy treat birthday dessert (FYI: those are gooooood!)

new game, Noah's Rainbow Race. It's a combo of Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, but with a Noah's Ark theme. It's so cute. I found it at Rainbow Resource

new Cars DVD

opened up a couple new trains, reaching for more presents

Happy Birthday my big 3 year old!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

this one's for you daddy

After nearly a month of asking Isaac if I could cut his hair, he finally said yes today.........

Friday, August 14, 2009

this doesn't sit well with me

  • read the article here

  • ..........Mr. Staver said the district also agreed to forbid senior class President Mary Allen from speaking at the school's May 30 graduation ceremony on the chance that the young woman, a known Christian, might say something religious............

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that sees a problem with this?

    so proud

    Today was the day. The day when all her hard work was finally rewarded. Genna worked her tail off to earn money to buy this doll. She saved every single penny she got her hands on. (although, I'm not thrilled with the fact that she yanked out 2 of her own loose teeth) I put in the order when we came home from the lake house, and Genna has been waiting very patiently for her treasure to arrive. When I woke up this morning I checked the tracking number and saw that her package was in the city and out for delivery. When I woke her up I told her the news, which was met with thrashing about and screaming with delight. Almost always when we are expecting packages they don't arrive until late afternoon, so imagine our surprise when we got a knock on the door just as we were getting ready to head out. The fact that it came hours before we were expecting it was just the cherry on top for my girl. I am so proud of her for seeing this through, and I think she's pretty proud of herself too.

    oooh, a new catalog..........
    these must be the clothes mom got for me, I'll check these out later (I ordered her 3 skirts and a jacket, and she didn't even open the bags to look at them!)

    almost there


    I love her, I love her, I love her!

    brushing her hair

    all that playing, and now it's time for a nap
    sweet dreams

    a girl needs her beauty sleep

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    don't worry, I'm NOT pregnant

    Just thought it was funny

    long overdue

    Since I posted pics of the walls, I figured it was about time to post pics of the quilt squares. I was able to get the squares and a pillowcase put together before I landed on bed rest, but I have not done much since then. I'm hoping to get started this week on getting the squares pieced together and get these quilts finished soon! I know they need to be ironed and you would get a better view if I laid them out all orderly and stuff, but that's not going to happen. ;)

    The rainbow hearts stitched on Genna's pillowcase (the green fabric is glittery)

    Genna's pillowcase. The back of the pillowcase is just soft flannel so that at night she can flip it over to the soft side while she sleeps

    Bella's quilt squares. Her favorite color is yellow, so the base color of her quilt is yellow

    Genna's quilt squares (can you guess Genna's favorite color?)

    And there you have it folks. I'll post pics when they actually get all finished.