Sunday, August 9, 2009

she says she wants to be a teacher, but.....

I honestly wonder if Genna may actually look towards a career in the medical field. Her and Bella are playing dolls, and it seems:

Bella's Fancy Nancy doll has broken her leg, and will be unable to walk for two weeks. The surgeon that performed the original surgery though did a terrible job and Genna is performing emergency surgery because the last guy left a needle in Nancy's leg before he sewed her up. Now it's up to Genna to remove the needle before infection sets in and Nancy looses her whole leg!

I'm not making this up at all, this is actually the scenario Genna has concocted. I'm not sure how Bella feels about this though, she usually just takes her dolls grocery shopping or has parties for them. Hopefully Nancy will make a quick recovery and be back on her feet in time for the next party.

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Anonymous said...

They are such a crack up! I am so glad you blog these moments. Love to you all!