Friday, September 30, 2011

just like her mom

When I had asked Genna leading up to her birthday what she wanted to do, she expressed interest in getting her ears pierced for a second time.  I've never really seen a few ear piercings as a big deal (I've got three sets in my own ears), so I figured why not! 

nervously listening as to the piercing process being explained

getting the holes marked

This picture cracks me up, look at her friend watching behind her!

*deep breath* that hurt

other side wasn't so bad

double ear piercings!
(not to worry, the earrings are no longer sticking out like they are in the picture, that's just how they are immediately after the piercing)

It certainly helps matters that Genna is an extremely responsible young lady, and hasn't required any assistance in caring for her new piercings. Now she's asking when she can get her nose pierced! Ha!  That one's gonna be a long time off, my love.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How did she get so lucky?

While you wait for Genna's piercing pics, lets skip forward to dinner. Genna had been saying for a few months that she wanted to go out for steak and lobster for her 10th birthday. Jeremy wasn't sure where to take her, and when talking to the chef at work about it, he graciously offered to special order a lobster for Genna's birthday! You see, lobster is not on the menu at Bin on the Lake. Not only that, but the chef ordered the lobster as his treat for her! Jeremy and I were blown away at his generosity. What started out as a special dinner date with daddy turned into a dinner experience I imagine she won't soon forget.

they started the evening with a walk on the dock at sunset

a birthday toast!

she was then invited into the kitchen, which was very neat for my mini Julia Child

meeting her dinner

She named him Cleetus

of course she must be properly outfitted for the kitchen!

she thought he felt very strange

helping the chef cook her dinner

Genna with the chef staff at Bin on the Lake

while Genna and Jeremy were in the kitchen, their server set up a place setting for Kit at the table.  That wine glass with sparkling cider is actually a mini tasting size glass, just right for a doll!

Dinner time!


Genna made sure to bring along a thank you card for the chef

And they topped it off with a huckleberry cheesecake! (notice the rose petals on the table; the server did that for her too)

After dinner was not the end of her night though, Jeremy had one more surprise up his sleeve.  They were almost home, when Jeremy pulled off into the parking lot of the bowling alley.  He had made reservations for cosmic bowling, and Genna got a double surprise when her awesome Uncle Greg showed up to bowl with her.  Jeremy didn't take any pictures of the bowling, but she participated in the contests and said she had a super fun time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

American Girls at lunch

Genna started her birthday with breakfast and gifts at home, one of which was a certificate to get her ears pierced again.  (those pictures will come next)  Genna had asked to get her ears pierced for a second time, but the certificate also served as a great excuse to head to the mall.  We passed the American Girl store on our way into the mall, and I asked the girls if they wanted to pop in for a moment and poke around.  Genna suspected something was up because as we were meandering through the store, she kept looking over her shoulder.  We were admiring the Kaya dolls near the front of the store when...... surprise! Our friends walked in!  I asked Genna if she would be terribly disappointed if we didn't have bagels at home for lunch like she suggested, because I had made a reservation for all of us at the American Girl Bistro!  Naturally, she was so upset she ran out of the store screaming in protest. Ha! Yeah right! All of the girls started jumping up and down squealing with excitement.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the food at the bistro.  I had read reviews from different American Girl restaurant locations, and it seemed like people were saying the food was mediocre and the prices high.  I figured it would be something we would do just for the experience of it. I'm happy to report I found the food to be wonderful and the prices extremely reasonable.  I would not hesitate to stop in for a casual lunch now and then.  A wonderful time was had by all.

checking out the goody bags......... you'll notice Genna and her doll have matching outfits, which was a gift from her very thoughtful sister

modeling the ribbons from Genna's gift (sadly, I don't have a picture of the awesome present from her friends)

ladies that lunch

Kit was catching up on her reading while waiting for her food

Yum!  Bella enjoyed a bitty picnic lunch, while Genna had spaghetti and meatballs.  I had an excellent pasta dish with a white wine reduction sauce, fresh red and yellow tomatoes, and goat cheese. Double yum!

both my girls said their lunches were very tasty

The cake!

Happy Birthday Genna!

a wish was made........

the cake was half chocolate and half vanilla, and they served it with vanilla bean ice cream; it was all very nice

I think Genna liked it...........

Genna received an American Girl gift card from my mom, as well as one from us, in addition to all the allowance money she'd saved up.  Lunch was followed up by a mini-shopping spree in the American Girl store.  Unfortunately my Dr. wanted me on bed rest that weekend, so my friend and I sat on a bench in the store while our girls shopped their little hearts out and I don't have any pictures of the shopping.  I can report with accuracy however, that Genna had a fantastic time!  And this was only the beginning of her day..................

Monday, September 26, 2011

she's 10

more birthday pictures coming soon........

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jeremy, this is YOUR child

*on a side note, check out those baby blues!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

boys on the beach

Jeremy took this picture and even though it didn't turn out "right", I thought it was kind of a cool shot.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who's been talking to my kids?

Last night's conversation:

Bella: IS the Earth getting hotter? It would be good to know.

Genna: Now THAT would be an inconvenient truth!

Seriously, what the heck?!?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is my life

Last night Noah decided to acquaint his head with the cement step in front of the house, and scored himself his very first "headband"! Up until now, Nahshon has been the only one who has had to have a headband, but I guess Noah didn't want to get left out of the fun. (I'm actually quite surprised Micaiah hasn't needed a headband yet)  I swear, each boy gets a little worse than the one before him when it comes to daredevil behavior.  I'm amazed no one has broken a bone yet! (knock on wood......)  I suppose this is what I get for marrying a man that would climb on the roof of his house at 3 years old.  On the positive side, we keep a stock of gauze and sports tape on hand for Genna's gymnastic injuries, so I'm always prepared!  Hmmm, perhaps I should special order supplies in different colors so we can just work it into their wardrobes?..........

Saturday, September 10, 2011


My daughter is going to be 10 this week. 10!!!  How did that happen?  I swear she was only 4 last week; is there a pause button somewhere I can push?  And speaking of the number 10, the day after Genna's birthday will mark only 10 more weeks until baby Abby!  I'm having an all around freak out this week..............

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Unit 1

We're going to begin our studies in 1764 with a unit on Native Americans, and specific focus on Native Americans of the PNW.  We'll be reading through the American Girl Kaya series to really help bring to life what it was like to live in a Native American tribe a couple hundred years ago.  For this unit the kids will be taking field trips to Pioneer Farms for the Native American tour, the salmon hatchery in Issaquah, the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle to ride in a canoe, and possibly the University of Washington Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture to learn more about native pacific cultures and geology of WA state!  Our science studies will focus on weather and seasons, for which we'll mainly be using our eyes and noses to observe and experience the beautiful changing of seasons here in the Northwest.

Once you get passed all the rain, you realize just how beautiful it can be around here!

The bell rang, please take your seats

School is back in session!  I wasn't planning to start until next week, but the books I needed to start the school year came sooner than expected, so we started on Monday.  We're easing into the school year slowly, adding a bit more to our schedule each week.  This year we'll be studying early American history using the American Girl books, and being helped along the way with Portraits of American Girlhood unit studies.  Don't be fooled by the "girl" part of it, it's equally educational for boys!  I have designated Jeremy as Field Trip Man, and have plans to send him all over the NW with the kids for fun trips this year.  I have high hopes for a positive and productive school year, and I think we're going to have a lot of fun on the way too!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011