Friday, September 30, 2011

just like her mom

When I had asked Genna leading up to her birthday what she wanted to do, she expressed interest in getting her ears pierced for a second time.  I've never really seen a few ear piercings as a big deal (I've got three sets in my own ears), so I figured why not! 

nervously listening as to the piercing process being explained

getting the holes marked

This picture cracks me up, look at her friend watching behind her!

*deep breath* that hurt

other side wasn't so bad

double ear piercings!
(not to worry, the earrings are no longer sticking out like they are in the picture, that's just how they are immediately after the piercing)

It certainly helps matters that Genna is an extremely responsible young lady, and hasn't required any assistance in caring for her new piercings. Now she's asking when she can get her nose pierced! Ha!  That one's gonna be a long time off, my love.

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