Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is my life

Last night Noah decided to acquaint his head with the cement step in front of the house, and scored himself his very first "headband"! Up until now, Nahshon has been the only one who has had to have a headband, but I guess Noah didn't want to get left out of the fun. (I'm actually quite surprised Micaiah hasn't needed a headband yet)  I swear, each boy gets a little worse than the one before him when it comes to daredevil behavior.  I'm amazed no one has broken a bone yet! (knock on wood......)  I suppose this is what I get for marrying a man that would climb on the roof of his house at 3 years old.  On the positive side, we keep a stock of gauze and sports tape on hand for Genna's gymnastic injuries, so I'm always prepared!  Hmmm, perhaps I should special order supplies in different colors so we can just work it into their wardrobes?..........

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