Wednesday, September 28, 2011

American Girls at lunch

Genna started her birthday with breakfast and gifts at home, one of which was a certificate to get her ears pierced again.  (those pictures will come next)  Genna had asked to get her ears pierced for a second time, but the certificate also served as a great excuse to head to the mall.  We passed the American Girl store on our way into the mall, and I asked the girls if they wanted to pop in for a moment and poke around.  Genna suspected something was up because as we were meandering through the store, she kept looking over her shoulder.  We were admiring the Kaya dolls near the front of the store when...... surprise! Our friends walked in!  I asked Genna if she would be terribly disappointed if we didn't have bagels at home for lunch like she suggested, because I had made a reservation for all of us at the American Girl Bistro!  Naturally, she was so upset she ran out of the store screaming in protest. Ha! Yeah right! All of the girls started jumping up and down squealing with excitement.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the food at the bistro.  I had read reviews from different American Girl restaurant locations, and it seemed like people were saying the food was mediocre and the prices high.  I figured it would be something we would do just for the experience of it. I'm happy to report I found the food to be wonderful and the prices extremely reasonable.  I would not hesitate to stop in for a casual lunch now and then.  A wonderful time was had by all.

checking out the goody bags......... you'll notice Genna and her doll have matching outfits, which was a gift from her very thoughtful sister

modeling the ribbons from Genna's gift (sadly, I don't have a picture of the awesome present from her friends)

ladies that lunch

Kit was catching up on her reading while waiting for her food

Yum!  Bella enjoyed a bitty picnic lunch, while Genna had spaghetti and meatballs.  I had an excellent pasta dish with a white wine reduction sauce, fresh red and yellow tomatoes, and goat cheese. Double yum!

both my girls said their lunches were very tasty

The cake!

Happy Birthday Genna!

a wish was made........

the cake was half chocolate and half vanilla, and they served it with vanilla bean ice cream; it was all very nice

I think Genna liked it...........

Genna received an American Girl gift card from my mom, as well as one from us, in addition to all the allowance money she'd saved up.  Lunch was followed up by a mini-shopping spree in the American Girl store.  Unfortunately my Dr. wanted me on bed rest that weekend, so my friend and I sat on a bench in the store while our girls shopped their little hearts out and I don't have any pictures of the shopping.  I can report with accuracy however, that Genna had a fantastic time!  And this was only the beginning of her day..................

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Ann said...

I can tell it was a fabulous bday for her! You're a wonderful Mama. :)