Thursday, September 29, 2011

How did she get so lucky?

While you wait for Genna's piercing pics, lets skip forward to dinner. Genna had been saying for a few months that she wanted to go out for steak and lobster for her 10th birthday. Jeremy wasn't sure where to take her, and when talking to the chef at work about it, he graciously offered to special order a lobster for Genna's birthday! You see, lobster is not on the menu at Bin on the Lake. Not only that, but the chef ordered the lobster as his treat for her! Jeremy and I were blown away at his generosity. What started out as a special dinner date with daddy turned into a dinner experience I imagine she won't soon forget.

they started the evening with a walk on the dock at sunset

a birthday toast!

she was then invited into the kitchen, which was very neat for my mini Julia Child

meeting her dinner

She named him Cleetus

of course she must be properly outfitted for the kitchen!

she thought he felt very strange

helping the chef cook her dinner

Genna with the chef staff at Bin on the Lake

while Genna and Jeremy were in the kitchen, their server set up a place setting for Kit at the table.  That wine glass with sparkling cider is actually a mini tasting size glass, just right for a doll!

Dinner time!


Genna made sure to bring along a thank you card for the chef

And they topped it off with a huckleberry cheesecake! (notice the rose petals on the table; the server did that for her too)

After dinner was not the end of her night though, Jeremy had one more surprise up his sleeve.  They were almost home, when Jeremy pulled off into the parking lot of the bowling alley.  He had made reservations for cosmic bowling, and Genna got a double surprise when her awesome Uncle Greg showed up to bowl with her.  Jeremy didn't take any pictures of the bowling, but she participated in the contests and said she had a super fun time.

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