Wednesday, August 12, 2009

trying to improve my skills

I've had my sewing machine for a year and a half now, but I've only sewn a handful of items and I'm still very much an amateur. Tonight I decided to try making a simple skirt with Bella. This is only the second clothing item I've sewn, but for the most part I'm pleased with it.

the skirt

my little model

she's such a ham

and of course if you are going to make a new skirt for your little girl, you must make one for her doll too!

Nancy's skirt is a little different

It ties in the back

and has a leaf design embroidered on the ribbon

The total cost for Bella's skirt and the doll skirt was about $6


Kerry said...

Way to go, Aubrey! I especially love the little bow on the hem of Bella's skirt! I almost wrote,"the little boy on the hem of Bella's skirt." I guess that's probably true too!

Anonymous said...

Love it!