Sunday, August 23, 2009

This ain't your gramma's tater salad picnic!

Although, it would actually be a picnic suited well to my great-grandmother. She was an advocate of cookies before dinner, and often said that a piece of cheese and a banana was all a person needed to have a well balanced diet. Anyways.........

While over in Conconully we decided to drive over to Grand Cooley Dam and see the laser show. (we did this last year too, it's pretty cool) Unfortunately when we arrived the show was already half over, and we somehow missed the turn to get to the stadium seating. No biggie though, because this led us to a new kind of family fun: a candy picnic and tag in the dark! We ended up on a great little grassy area right next to the dam to enjoy the last half of the show. After the lasers went off, people cleared out quickly, and we were left in the dark, next to this amazing structure, with a whole bag of candy intended for the kids during the show. In true Cranson Family Fun style, we opted to hang out for a while and have a picnic with our treats, then kicked off our shoes for a game of tag before taking the long drive back to the lake house. No pictures though, I was too busy having fun with my kids. ;)

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