Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's already been a year? It's only been a year?

Isn't it funny how life can feel like that? So fast, yet so slow. At this time last year we hadn't a clue that we'd be welcoming a new little guy to the family, and here we are taking Micaiah on his first trip to the lake house at almost 3 months old. Tomorrow morning we are off to Conconully. On Tuesday we will be celebrating Isaac's 3rd birthday and our 8th anniversary. There is no TV, no computer, no phone, and not even cell phone service. Just us, a house, and a lake. Perfect. Goodbye 2 and 7, hello 3 and 8! Have a great week everyone, I'll "see" you all on Friday!

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Kerry said...

That is out in the middle of nowhere, isn't it! Have a blast!!