Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ahhh, boys

1. Tonight Isaac was finishing off the last couple sips of Jeremy's Pepsi while playing a game at the table.  When finished, he crumpled up the can and just tossed it over his shoulder.  Then, he had the nerve to act utterly insulted when I made him pick up the can, plus an additional 25 items to serve as a reminder that his frat boy behavior needs to be kept in check for another 15 years. Oh how I dread the day these boys figure out how to smash cans on their heads.

2. Still sore from surgery, I decided to make scalloped potatoes au gratin for my dinner.  Isaac was sitting next to me, watching me eat when he suddenly asked, "can I have a bite of your butt cheese?" HUH?  He then pointed out how the cheese on one area of potatoes looked like the shape of a booty. Way to keep it classy son.

3. This isn't as much of a boy thing, as it is a three year old thing. Last night Nahshon hurt his shoulder on the corner of a kitchen drawer.  Remembering there was a tiny bit of ice cream left in the freezer, I told him I had some "special owie medicine" for him.  I dropped a few chocolate chips in the container, tapped the lid, shook it up, and did a little dance until the tears turned to giggles.  I then handed him the carton and a spoon.  He looked down at the treat and then looked back at me, puzzled, and asked, "is it a car?" Wha....? No.  He looked at it again and decidedly pronounced, "it's an elephant" as he walked away. Whatever.

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I nominated you for an award. http://savedbygrace2-rachel.blogspot.com/2011/02/stylish-blogger-award.html