Monday, March 14, 2011

She's a firecracker

Recently at dinner, Isaac announced that when he grows up he plans to have 6 daughters and 6 sons.  Here's the conversation the following day:

Isaac- Actually, I'm going to have 12 daughters and 12 sons!  How many kids is that?  (yes, the entire conversation started with the word "actually", as if we were still in the middle of last night's dinner talk)

Mom- That's 24 kids.

Bella- (popping her head in from the next room) Ha!  Good luck with that! You're gonna need 2 wives!

Mom- A man can't have 2 wives, it's against the law.

Bella- Yes they can, I saw it on cable.

*for the record, please note we do not have cable, and have not had any TV service for a while, so...... you have some explaining to do grandma!

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Green Mountaineer said...

haha, made me smile AND laugh! :)