Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What being a girl is all about

Yesterday was finally our "official" visit to the new American Girl store at Alderwood Mall.  The girls had no idea as I told them we were just headed to the mall to see the weekly summer movie at the theater.  They were rather surprised as I was rushing them past the store so we "wouldn't be late for the movie", to see our friends hanging out at the entrance.  It didn't take long for the screaming and jumping to begin!  Trying to take pictures of girls in a new doll store is a bit like trying to capture a gazelle running from a pride of lions.  They go this way and that, only looking back at you for a second to make sure you're still around.

Genna and Bella posing with Kanani at her shaved ice stand

she's adored these Bitty Babies for a few years now, so it's quite a treat to finally get to hold one

checking out the display

Bell and Kanani

she's just tickled to bits to be here!

Admiring the horses, and Genna announcing she would rather buy a horse from Target or Walmart since they would be much cheaper, haha!

what's over, what's over here........... wait for little Brie!

The very helpful staff found a doll "just like Genna"

She's so happy to be bringing home Kanani she can't even keep her eyes open!

Somehow I managed not to snap a pic of the girls with their new dolls, but I'm sure I'll have one to post soon since I've pretty much turned into a stalker with my new camera.  I'm equally as certain there will be many trips to American Girl in our future, and many more photo opportunities.  Now I must go cuddle with Bella and read her new Kanani book to her and her dolly.

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