Friday, July 13, 2012

Still here, just busy

Let's start the rundown, shall we?

Why the Washington State University logo, you ask? Because I have been accepted to WSU for fall semester!!

Navigating the ins and outs of financial aid, transferring credits from the community college, and just trying to figure out the university system in general after having been out for a while is all quite overwhelming. But, that's not all folks.........

Genna has been invited to join the level 4 team at gymnastics! This is a huge step up, and she's training for 12 hours a week through the summer! She'll have 10 competitions this year, including two that are out of state. But, that's still not all.........

Bella has just been invited to join the pre-team! This completely came out of left field to us as her coach hasn't said anything to give us indication she was ready to move on. She's trying to decide now if she wants to leave her friends and coach she's been with for two years and move up to the next level (which would put her close to her goal of joining the cheer squad), or if she would rather switch over to ballet instead as she seems to have a natural talent for it. But if you think that's all that's going on here, you are wrong!

A vendor has asked to sell Archys at AquaFest in Lake Stevens! The festival is at the end of the month, and Jeremy is in overdrive to get everything ready.

Of course then there's the whole matter of Isaac just having had surgery, getting ready for our annual trip to the lake house, getting ready for out of town family to come visit, oh- and I recently discovered I'm allergic to caffeine (what a horrible thing to be allergic to!), which means I'm doing everything without stimulants! Yikes!  Hopefully soon I'll have some time to upload some fun summer photos of the kids. Until then, keep your fingers crossed I make it through.

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