Friday, June 20, 2008

Spanish, Chinese, Farsi????

Jeremy and I both agreed that next year we would start Genna on a foreign language program, but we weren't sure what. We've been thinking about it, talking it over with Genna, asking other people's opinions, and praying about it. Genna is the type of person that once she sets her mind to doing something, she does it! It doesn't matter what it is or how long it takes her to get it right, she keeps going until she gets it down. We thought she would have fun with French, but we're not sure how practical that will be in life. German is supposed to be good for college/graduate studies, but she wasn't interested. Spanish is practically the official second language of America, and is a good language to know before tackling any of the other romance languages. Knowing Arabic or Farsi could be extremely useful considering what's going on in the world today, but we just felt very uncertain about it. After much consideration, it seems that Chinese (mandarin) is going to be our choice. Earlier this year Genna suddenly developed an interest in China, and her interest seems to keep growing. (right now she even talks about wanting to adopt children from China when she grows up) She has a passion for the children of China, and wants there to be more laws that protect them. She's also very intrigued by the amount of products sold in the U.S. that come from China. If she is able to learn the language, she will have an uncommon but valuable skill. We wonder if God has ignited this passion in her for a reason, and if so, we want to do all we can to allow her to see it through. Jeremy and I both think that if anyone is up to the challenge, Genna is.

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