Saturday, May 2, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

When Jeremy and I decided to homeschool our kids, we agreed that this would be a year-by-year decision. We chose to homeschool for a number of reasons that can be best summed up by saying it was the right decision for our family at that time. We are now finishing up our second year at home, and I cannot even express how happy I am that we made this decision! There was once a time that I did not agree with homeschooling. (yes, I was one of those people that thought kids didn't get socialized) But I am more than happy to eat my words now that I've lived and loved the homeschooling life. Before coming to the decision to homeschool, our oldest went through two years at a wonderful private school and our second oldest did a year at a public elementary school. (he has also gotten speech services for the past two years at the elementary school around the corner, which we are no longer going to continue) Now that we have fully experienced the different schooling options available to us, I can say with certainty that for now, homeschooling is still the best choice for our family. (and the kids love it too) I absolutely love our homeschool group and the friends that we have made, they are all such wonderful and amazing people. I'm really excited to be thinking about next year and planning out what we will be learning and reading. Of course I am still committed to reassessing our situation each year, because I'm not going to let stubbornness get in the way of what's best for my kids. For this season in our lives though, we are going to continue to do math in our PJ's and explore this wonderful world together as a family. Life is good.

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Luke said...

Fantastic! And life is good [smile].