Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Elijah!

Well, I'm only about a month and a half behind in posting these! Elijah had a wonderful time turning 7, and here are some pictures from his special day:

He wanted a jungle animal theme, notice the balloons that say Elijah. He thought those were fantastic!

yummy cinnamon rolls and oranges for breakfast, his request

Nahshon getting into the party mood

What's this?......

a clock! He wanted a clock sooooo bad!

playing stick the tail on the donkey

Nahshon was not happy with his tail placement (#5)

at Rainforest Cafe, he loved it!

Nahshon was amazed by the animals.......

but freaked when the Rainforest Cafe mascot (a man in a giant frog costume) came around. Jeremy had to do this every time or Nahsh would scream

Genna taking it all in, in amazement


This dessert is listed as "enough for two to share" Uh, more like enough for 12 to share!

new tools from Daddy. (these have come in quite handy!) He actually got more than is even pictured here; if you break it, he's ready to fix it!

The Terrainiac! This car is so awesome, he LOVES it!

A new bike from his brothers and sisters, he's a very blessed young man
Happy Birthday my wonderful Elijah!

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