Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why I don't 1-click

I like shopping on Amazon, particularly for movies, music, and books as I can almost always find the best prices with Amazon. One of the features Amazon offers is 1-click ordering. With this feature Amazon will save your credit card and shipping information, and rather than do the whole check out process, you can purchase your items in just one click of a button. Knowing there are always little curious hands around, I never turn on this feature, and recently was reminded of why that is such a good idea for me. One of the things I especially love about Amazon is that you can place things in your cart and watch the price. Every time you visit your cart, Amazon will tell you if your items have increased or decreased in price and by how much. Just the other day I signed into my cart to check prices on a couple things I have been watching, and suddenly see I have well over $300 worth of merchandise in my cart. I begin to sort through it and find TONS of Angelina Ballerina books and products. Yikes! Now, I am a fan of Angelina Ballerina, but I don't think we have any need for $300 worth of Angelina stuff! I have no idea which child did it (and honestly, it could have been any one of them as I can absolutely picture my boys thinking they are shopping for their sisters), but I know for sure I'm going to stick with my no 1-click policy.

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