Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a joy

We've had little Estella home for 6 days now, and she is just a joy.  A few people warned us/suggested we skip the puppy phase, but it truly has been no trouble.  We were not at all opposed to getting a slightly older dog, but because we had a specific breed requirement, we knew that the right dog may come to us as a young pup or as a toddler. Her small size has not been as issue at all as the kids treat her very gently and respectfully, and we keep a close eye on Micaiah when he is near her.  Genna is great about taking her out to go potty often, and we still have not had accidents in the house.  She almost never barks (I've only heard her once when she was scared of a toy, and Genna heard her once when Isaac got her hyped up), and her all time favorite activity is cuddling.  I just could not picture a more perfect furry friend for our home.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Jeremy! Allergies holding out ok?