Friday, August 20, 2010

Noah: the arrival

Do you know just how big of a difference there is between 20 minutes and 18 hours?  When it comes to having a baby, it's a BIG difference!  Micaiah's arrival into this world was dramatic, hectic, painful and fast; 20 minutes fast.  Noah's arrival was pretty much the complete opposite.  It was very slow, pain free, easy, and long; 18 hours long.  True to form though, Noah arrived on a nice rainy day.  In fact, labor didn't really pick up until the rain did.  (For those that didn't already know this, it rained EVERY SINGLE TIME I had an appointment of some type for this pregnancy.  The night we found out it was a boy and decided his name would be Noah, was the night we had the first good rainfall of the winter- it dumped buckets that night!)

Labor started around 4am.  Nothing big, just a few contractions, but the doctor was very insistent to come in any time I thought it could be labor.  We called my mom over around 5am and headed to the hospital.  To make a very long story short, labor started and stalled. All. Day. Long.  At one point they put me on pitocin to get a regular pattern going, and just as I was drifting off into a nap, a team of nurses and doctors ran into the room because Noah had a heart rate drop.  They stopped the pitocin and instead gave me a shot of terbutaline to stop labor.  After they determined the drop was nothing more than his head moving down, they started up the pitocin again.  The contractions never got regular, and by the time I started feeling a little twinge of pain, it was time to push.  Three quick and easy pushes, and he was out!
Even though it was a long, long day, I was so thankful to have a calm and controlled delivery experience this time.  Aside from being tired, this has been the easiest recovery I've ever had by far.  Noah has been a wonderful little baby so far.  Rarely does he fuss, and smiles constantly.
What a blessing it is to have him in our family now.

Jeremy, just being Jeremy, tried to convince the nurses that we were going with a more creative way of spelling Noah. Oh, and that's a picture of an ark with a rainbow in the background that Jeremy drew.

Little bug just minutes old

all wrapped up

such a sweet little face

look at that hair!

already a cuddle boy

so peaceful

healthy and perfect

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