Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This guy is awesome

  • Craig Gross and Ron Jeremy; a story of friendship

  • A long while back I was lucky enough to see Craig Gross speak at our church.  Even if you don't recognize the name, you may have heard of his ministry, XXXChurch.  It isn't the fact that he's tackling the adult entertainment industry I find so wonderful, it's his methods.  He's a believer that is actually practicing what he preaches on a daily basis.  He shows love and compassion to those that so many are very quick to dismiss.  Sometimes I wonder how many people will never even touch a Bible, let alone step one foot near a church, simply because a "Christian" showed disgust and contempt for the life choices the other has made rather than love the person the way we are supposed to.  I find the work that Craig Gross does to be both inspirational and eye opening.  The link above is a very short piece written by Gross about his friendship with Ron Jeremy; I encourage you to take a couple minutes and read it.

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    Luke said...

    I haven't been keeping up with Craig recently. Thanks for linking to this.