Monday, October 4, 2010

uh.......... I don't even know what to say

Like Bella, Nahshon was a late talker.  However, once he did start talking, his vocabulary exploded overnight and sometimes the stuff that he says just leaves me there, blinking, not knowing what to think or say back.

Example 1: the other night I had a can of biscuits in the fridge, and decided to turn them into donuts as a little treat for the kids.  I have virtually no experience working with pans of hot oil, so I ordered the kids to stay out of the kitchen for everyone's safety.  When I gave this direction to Nahshon though, he crossed his arms, kicked his toes into the floor, pouted out his lip, and declared "You don't love me mommy!"  Say huh?  I don't know what brought your little brain to that conclusion, but it sure is a good thing you're not over dramatic or anything.

Example 2:  Last night Nahshon was being defiant, so I started tickling him to pull him out of his mood.  Then I pulled him down off the dining table and told him he was a stinky Pete.  His response? "I'm not a stinky Pete! You're a stinky Pete! I'm an ADULT!"   Psh!  I don't know where he heard that phrase, because it's not one that Jeremy and I use with the kids.

Is it possible that a child who is only 2 years old can already have a complex about being small?

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