Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jim and his staples

I know right now you are wondering, who is Jim and what is so important about his staples? Well, let me tell ya!  "Jim" is Nahshon.  And those staples?  They are in the side of his head. Yeah.  At the start of this week little, sweet, never gets in trouble Nahshon, was jumping around at the dinner table and apparently jumped himself right off his chair and into the bookshelf behind him.  Needless to say, there was blood.  Jeremy rushed home from work and we took the little tyke down to Children's Hospital where they stapled his head shut.  You might think such an even would be very traumatic for a young child, and it seems, the drug companies would agree with that.  Before they took the office equipment to his head, they shot some stuff up his nose and said pretty soon he'd look and act like he'd just downed a couple pints at the local pub.  At one point Jeremy asked Nahshon his name, and in between little snorts and fits of giggles he replied "JIM!"  At that time we informed his nurse that he was thoroughly trashed and ready to go.  Here's the really amazing part though: the drugs they gave him cause him to actually FORGET the whole ordeal!  Crazy, right? 

At first I thought it was fantastic that he wouldn't remember it, but within minutes of getting home I began to see the serious downside of it all- he didn't remember he hurt his head!  His head was still puffy, the staples still shiny, and he was attempting to stand on the arm of a chair!  This entire week, we've had this conversation about 10 times per day:

(me) NAHSHON! Do you still have staples in your head?

(him) yes

(me) Then stop that right now, you're going to get hurt!

(him- in an angry shout and then stomping away with his arms folded) OK MOM!

I would love to think this will be the first and last time we have to deal with something like this, but we all know that probably isn't true.  Wonder if they sell those staple kits for home use.............

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