Tuesday, November 23, 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Today we finally got some snow!!  Not a lot (2 inches), but enough that the kids are having fun.  I LOVE snow leading up to Christmas time.  Nothing puts me in a holiday mood more than snow outside and the Christmas tunes turned up!  It's also awesome that I almost never have to worry about venturing out on the roads; I'm sure that's part of why I'd love to have a good 6 inches of snow right now.  However, here is what I don't like. 

Tonight, I am here:
(that would be my home)

And Jeremy is here:
(that would be work)

Jeremy works at Bin on the Lake, which is owned by the Woodmark Hotel.  The roads are so bad tonight that the managers have decided all employees will not be allowed to leave, and must stay at the hotel. (for free, of course)  I am extremely thankful he works at a place that is so concerned for employee safety that they would put them up for the night, but it is a bummer he can't make it home.  Oh well, I'm going to keep enjoying my snow.  Hopefully he'll make it home sometime in the next couple days!

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Rachel said...

Hi Aubrey. I saved your blog a long time ago on my favorites and just rediscovered it. I know you from HHW. I loved reading your stories tonight. So funny!

My husband stayed at a hotel next to work on Monday night because he couldn't get home. I missed him but was glad he was safe.

I'll be reading your blog regularly now. :-)