Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I think I might have a problem

Or maybe it's just a side effect of living with Jeremy for a decade?  I have this terrible habit of seeing something good, but instantly thinking of ways it could be great.  I do this with recipes, sewing patterns, homeschool curriculum, and now with Abigail's "nursery" decor.  Every year I think how wonderful it would be to just buy a big box of ready to go curriculum, and every year I start with that intention when I begin to compile my order for the following year. By the time I hit the place order button though, I have completely dismantled the big box curriculum and pieced together my own.  Those big boxes just never fit quite right. *sigh* 

As for Abby's stuff, we'll be making most everything ourselves.  (and most stuff will probably end up being family projects that even the kids will help with)  I won't spill my secrets just yet; you'll have to look out for pictures in the coming months!

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