Tuesday, August 2, 2011

snail science

About a week or so ago my mom was visiting, and the kids spotted a snail on her chair.  We see snails semi-often, but this snail in particular is the biggest we've ever seen here.  The kids were really excited to "observe" our new little garden friend.

gently touching it and watching it crawl back into it's shell

Nahsh was a bit less than impressed with it, clearly

Micaiah however, was amazed!

Bella trying to feed it a flower
(notice Nahshon in the background, keeping his distance from the scary creature)

(yes, Micaiah dressed himself that day)

Nahsh coming to see the snail holding the flower, and he's obviously so impressed..................

The snail was actually holding on pretty tight to it!

Eventually he let go of the flower in favor of some fresh peas from our garden.  We placed him in a lovely patch of weeds when the kids were done thoroughly examining him.

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