Tuesday, February 14, 2012

don't ask her, or she might not tell

I could hear an argument brewing on the other side of the house, but since I encourage the kids to work things out themselves when they insist on acting like drama queens, I wasn't paying attention to the cause of this particular dispute. (perhaps you've notice a recurring theme here?)  Bella wanders out to the living room, lets out a big sigh, and says, "don't ask me what they're arguing about. Just don't ask me." I nodded vaguely and thought to myself; awesome, 'cause I wasn't gonna ask.  I guess Bella couldn't read my thoughts because she then said, "don't ask me what they're arguing about, don't ask....................... they're arguing about a remote, just in case you were going to ask." OK then.  I still wasn't going to ask, but I figure it's good to know I can care less than I didn't care before, now that I know they are having a dust-up over trivial dribble. So, thanks, I suppose.

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