Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 months later, 6 Gerber babies, 1 Downy ball

It's funny to me that even now, 5 months later, when I walk into a room holding Micaiah all the kids start clamoring about who gets to hold him first. I guess he still has that new car smell for them.

This week I started feeding Micaiah solids. He took to the food instantly, and doesn't spit out a bite. For some reason though, the other 5 children also find his food irresistibly delightful. They all beg for bites when I'm feeding him (no, I don't use a special spoon or anything else they might find intriguing, and yes, they gets lots of fresh fruit and veggies), and any time I give them a bite, Micaiah SCREAMS. It seems Micaiah can't get enough, and he has no intention of sharing any time soon.

Last month I started buying Downy, and picked up a Downy ball too. (the fact that it actually does make the fabric softer is a bonus. I bought it because I love the way it makes my mother-in-law's laundry smell) The kids also love the way it makes the laundry smell and every time I start a load someone is there begging to fill and toss in the ball. Such simple things in life give them great joy.

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