Friday, October 2, 2009

Hey! That's not yogurt dad!

Last week we took a trip to the zoo, and as we were unloading kids from the car Jeremy noticed Genna and Nahshon were wearing a bit of their breakfast on their faces. Jeremy grabbed a wipe and wiped off Nahsh, then then went on to Genna. I look over and notice him really scrubbing one spot on her forhead and mumbling to himself that this yogurt just will not come off! I watch him for a moment (as Genna's forhead is turning red and she's scrunching up her face), before offering a helpful thought: "uh, Jeremy, are you trying to wash off Genna's scar?" "Um, noooo?" Jeremy replied, quickly stuffing the wipe into his pocket while poor Genna looked on with a rather indignant expression on her face. Dads, what are ya gonna do with 'em?

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