Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Halloween!

For the past 3 Halloween's we've been very lucky with the weather. This year however, made up for the last 3 rain-less trick-or-treat nights!

Pictured here we have Hannah Montana, Aloha Bella, Noah (who should have brought his ark for all the rain), Noah's tiger cub, and IZ the scary dinosaur!
please take note of Genna's trick-or-treat bag, she sewed it herself!

Monkey man Nahshon refused to be in the group picture. (after refusing to put ANY clothes on, then refusing his costume, then refusing his shoes, then refusing his candy bucket, etc....)

Elijah's costume kept falling off because the bottom was SOAKING wet and the weight of the water drenched material kept pulling it down!

Trick or...... mail? Some people opted to leave their mailboxes open and stuffed with goodies for the kids instead of making them come to the door

After being sufficiently dumped on, it was time to head back to grandma and papa's for ice cream in their PJ's and a candy hunt down in the kid's rec room

Miss Sugarbutt is very happy with what she found downstairs

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween this year!

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