Thursday, November 26, 2009

Very cute, two thumbs up!

I pre-ordered Santa Buddies from Amazon as an after dinner, Thanksgiving surprise for the kids. Since my kids are fans of the Air Bud movies, and recently became fans of Space Buddies, I figured they would like this too. I'm happy to report I hit it right on the nose! Santa Buddies is too cute, and the kids thought it was pretty funny as well. The message of the movie is simple: it is better to give than receive, and we should focus on the less fortunate rather than ourselves. You follow Puppy Paws (the child of Santa Paws, Santa's K9 best friend) and the buddies through their puppy antics as they save Christmas and bring joy to the cold hearted dog catcher. It is certainly a wonderful, family friendly addition to any Christmas movie library.

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