Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A city girl with a farmers heart?

Much to my parents dismay I believe, I have always been much more of a city girl than a country girl.  Camping? Uh, no thank you, please point me to the nearest hotel with room service.  However, in the last couple years I have found myself having a bit more of a desire for homesteading.  Today a friend was telling me that her family is thinking about raising hens, and it reminded me of my own desire to have a little urban farm.  I would love to have a little hen house and have fresh eggs on hand all the time.  I also would love to have a little goat friend to help make light work of our little wilderness patch on the side of the house.  I mentioned the hens to Jeremy today; let's just say the look he gave me led me to decide this wasn't the best time to bring up the goat. I can't imagine why though, it's not as if we're busy these days or anything............ Oh well, perhaps someday we'll realize our dream of having a patch of land with bountiful vegetable gardens, and I'll be able to have my chicks and goats.

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