Friday, April 22, 2011

Who IS this child?

Today I was thinking about what we would do to celebrate Micaiah's birthday next month, and suggested heading to Country Village to ride the train, see the chickens, and have ice cream cones.  Genna has never been to Country Village, and asked what type of things they have there.  I was showing her pictures on their web site and telling her the different stores; bead shops, gift shops, fabric shop, stamping store, toy store, paper shop, antique store....... when she loudly exclaimed "ANTIQUE STORE?!?" Uh, yeah. (insert confused look here)  She then started going on and on about how much she loves antique stores because my mom took both girls to one up north near her property, and they both loved it.  This was surprising news because as a child, my parents had their own antique store and I spent countless hours being dragged to antique stores and malls from here to Montana.  To me, antique stores = smelly and boring.  I could be quite happy to live the rest of my life and never again step foot into an antique store.  Thankfully since it will be Micaiah's birthday I think I'll be able to avoid taking her through the antique shops, but it wouldn't surprise me at all after our visit if she asks to come back for her own birthday to visit the tea room and go antique shopping.  Where did this strange little child come from?

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