Friday, May 6, 2011

I miss her little days

With Genna inching ever closer to double digits, it becomes increasingly rare for her to say those silly little kid things we all love so much.  Last night though, I got a great one from her.  We were watching the new singing competition, The Voice, and she was singing along to all the country songs.  I asked her if she liked country music, and she gave me an shy smile and admitted she kind of did.  I told her there was no reason to act embarrassed- everyone likes different music.  With a bit more confidence she said, "I actually do think I like country music better than city music!" Hahahaha! City music!?!  I couldn't help but pull her in for a big hug while I cracked up.  It's wonderful to get a little glimpse back in time like that.

By the way, what exactly is city music?

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