Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sorry about that, I thought the world was ending

otherwise I would have updated the blog sooner! 

Ok, obviously I didn't actually expect the world to end on Saturday, but there are a lot of people who did.  Harold Camping claims there were secret passages in the Bible that were revealed to him, and God gave him the codes he needed to decipher these encrypted scriptures. Let's all say it together now: ooooooook.  Sounds a little out there, right?  I certainly think so.  Unfortunately there were people who believed this man.  It's easy to mock and make jokes, but right now our focus needs to be on the victims of this scam. (it is a scam because Harold Camping's "ministry" is reported to be worth somewhere in the ballpark of $100 million)  Yes, there actually are victims in this mess, and they are completely innocent and deserving of our concern: the children.  The children whose parents believed Harold Camping.  The children who had no choice as their parents sold off their house, their cars, and all their possessions.  They had no say in the fact that their parents quit their jobs, maxed out their credit cards, and used every last cent to their name.  They endured the heartbreak as their parents gave away beloved family pets, or even worse, had them euthanized.  One way or another, these children were told they were going to die.  Either they would be lifted up to Heaven in the rapture, or would be left behind on Earth to suffer through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fire, disease...... a literal hell on Earth without any guarantee someone would be there to look after them.  These are the people we should all be focused on right now, ESPECIALLY because Harold Camping still claims October 21st is when the Earth will cease to exist.  There has already been one report of a woman attempting to commit suicide, and to take her daughter with her.  Please pray that these people will seek the counsel they need, and pray these children will heal and move on from these monumental mistakes their parents have made.  They did nothing wrong, but will suffer the most.

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