Sunday, June 21, 2009

If I had a better brain, I'd have a better title

Well, we finally stepped out of the 80's and got a Wii. (really, the only other video game system we have in the house is the NES, from 1985! I have a soft spot for old classics) We found a screamin' deal on Craigslist from a video game loving family that just didn't find time to play the Wii with all the other systems in their house. We ended up with 20 games, 4 remotes, and all other kinds of goodies for an unbeatable price. (gotta love a good bargain!) We've been having a great time playing together. Last night I was up with Cai, so I decided to pop in Big Brain Academy. Funny enough, I scored best in memorization. For those that don't know what this is funny, let me recap the past week and a half for you: LAST week, I thought Thursday was Friday, thought Friday was Saturday, thought Father's Day was LAST Sunday (it's today), thought our homeschool party was on Monday (it was on Sunday and I didn't realize until it was already over), I texted Jeremy on "Wednesday" night and asked him to put out the trash can when he got home from work and he texted me back letting me know it was Thursday night and trash had already been picked up that morning, I completely forgot how to spell Micaiah's name (had to look it up and everything), and forgot what Nahshon's birthday was when making Wii Mii's with the kids. Would it surprise you to know that my overall brain grade was C-? Probably not.

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Mandy said...

I can completely relate. Although, I haven't had quite the week like you did last week! That is hysterical!

I'm thinking you might need a full nights sleep? Cai will probably let you do that in about ... um ... a year?

Just remember, it's 2009. Last week my husband wrote down 2008 on a form. At least you're in the right month!!!