Thursday, June 4, 2009

Steamy, Sticky, and Sour

If I was talking about Chinese food, that just might be one tasty platter. Unfortunately though, that is not the case.

Steamy. It is so darn hot it is downright steamy! Sticky. Skin, clothes, furniture; everything feels sticky with sweat. YUCK! Sour. That's pretty much everyone's attitude right now. This hot weather just makes us all miserable and grumpy.

Poor Micaiah doesn't know what to do with himself in this heat. He's so restless and uncomfortable, but holding him and/or nursing him just makes him hotter and more uncomfortable. The other kids are getting so snippy. When it's too hot to move though, I really can't blame 'em. I guess this shows what a true western Washington native I am because I cannot handle these 90 degree temps! I really really hope this isn't going to be a super hot summer. As it is I'm already counting the days until September. I love autumn here. For me, it's perfect. Lots of warm days with lots of cool rainy days sprinkled in. It smells wonderful, and looks beautiful. Summer is fun, but only at 80 degrees, maximum. I hate feeling like a puddle that needs to be mopped up. Blech! I guess it's time to stock up on smoothie fruits and pudding pops!

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Rene' said...

Yum! Pudding pops, haven't had those in ages! I am opposite of you...I LOVE this. Though I feel for you and the nursing part. I remember bringing Jeremy home on a 95 degree day and our a/c broke that day. (obviously when we lived in CA) but it was very difficult to nurse in heat. I hope you are acclimating now.