Sunday, June 21, 2009

possibly the only 7 year old in America........

Bella is a party planner. She loves to plan celebrations. She has Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and everyone's birthday planned out for the next five years. Whenever she starts planning a new celebration, she gets the other kids really excited about it, and they start making wish lists. Combine this with the fact that I do a summer Christmas party with the kids (which is coming up soon), and now I have Genna's Christmas wish list. What does her wishlist include you may ask? What does this have to do with the Golden Girls? What makes her the only 7 year old in America? Well, here is your answer:
Genna's Christmas wish list
American Girl doll- Kit Kittredge
Kit doll accessories and Kit movie
stuff for her new room (getting ready to do a room shuffle)
Golden Girls on DVD
wii game
Did you catch that? My 7 year old wants THE GOLDEN GIRLS ON DVD! What child asks for that? I can guarantee that if she knew Murder She Wrote is also available on DVD, she'd ask for that too. Yeah, my daughter is a 60 year old woman at heart. ;)


Mandy said...

hahha. That's awesome. She just likes things old fashioned! ;) Perhaps she would be a great one to go around and visit nursing homes?!

Too cute.

Kerry said...

While on vacation last week, we enjoyed flipping through all the shows offered on cable tv. I remarked to Kiernon how there seemed to ALWAYS be an episode of Golden Girls on and they should just have a All Golden Girls All The Time Channel. I guess Genna is not alone in her love for those old ladies!