Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And the award goes to.....

Abigail is home!  She's still sick, but doing much better.  I can tell she's pretty worn out from the whole ordeal, but she's also much more at ease now that she's home- surrounded by the people that love her most and sleeping in her own cozy bed. It's amazing what a night or two away in the hospital can do to the parents in a situation like this, so I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that gave us a helping hand.  In no particular order:

My dad, Jed- Jeremy took Abby and Micaiah to Swedish in Everett to get checked out. When we learned Abigail had to be transported to Children's in Seattle by ambulance, my dad went over to take the ride with her.  This allowed Jeremy to bring Micaiah home, and gave me time to pack a bag.

My mother-in-law, Ann- She came over and stayed with our sick crew while Jeremy helped get me and Abby settled at the hospital. (and he had to drive my dad home)  Ann also came to the hospital and stayed with Abby for well over an hour so Jeremy could take me home.

(I hadn't slept in three days and was already sick when Abby went in.  By 8pm last night, I was done. I knew if I didn't get home and get some rest, I was going to be a patient right along with my little girl)

My brother-in-law, Greg- He brought me coffee at midnight, and again the next afternoon.  He was even willing to pick up fresh clothes for me (we didn't know Abby would be staying more than 1 night), despite the fact that by doing so, he would be giving up his time to rest before going on a 16 hour shift.

My friend, Rachel- She called me while I was in the ER at Children's with Abby, waiting to be taken to our room.   It reminded me of when my friend Stephanie called when Micaiah was at Children's for surgery; those little acts of friendship are never forgotten.

Technology- Without smartphones, webcams, and Facebook it would be so much harder for me to give everyone that cares about Abby, quick updates on her condition.  Likewise, it allows all those people to show their love and support easily.

Friends, family, and strangers- there were many people sending love and prayers to Abby, some who have never even met her. Every single person who gave her a thought, we are thankful.

My husband and kids- a baby landing in the hospital can be chaotic, even in the best of times; throw in the fact that I had 7 other sick kids (4 with ear infections) and it's enough to make your head explode.  As always, everyone pulled together  and worked hard to make sure Abby had whatever she needed to be well.

Welcome home, baby Abigail!

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