Friday, March 23, 2012

Did I really just do that?

I took the five oldest kids swimming today.  We had planned to go to the super cool new pool in Lynnwood, but we got there 15 minutes after the open swim session had started, and they were already at capacity! My kids have been looking forward to trying out this pool for almost a year, and they looked so heartbroken, so I rushed them back to Everett to hit up the pool at Forest Park.  I was feeling frazzled trying to get there as fast as possible so we could at least have an hour to swim.  When we walked in, the lady at the register asked how old Nahshon was, and I said 3.   Yes, 3!!!   Genna piped up behind me and said, "no he's not, he's four. Oh wait, no, you're right, he's three." And so we went with three.  It wasn't until hours later that I was really questioning it. I actually looked at my Facebook timeline to see what I had posted on January 21st, and here is what was written:

Happy 4th birthday Nahshon! You make my life fun, little man :)

Well crap.  I don't really feel that bad about the pool thing because he never went passed the stairs (apparently 3=free, which I did not know at the time, and there were only about 8 other people at the pool, so it's not like him being there kept someone else from being able to come in and swim), but seriously, I forgot how old my kid is? Not cool.

*for the record, my kids had a great time at the Forest Park Pool.  One of the lifeguards brought out the rope swing, and Genna, Elijah, and Isaac all tried out the diving board. They were so happy to go swimming they didn't hold a grudge for a single second that we weren't at the cool pool. And next time we try Lynwood, we're going 45 minutes EARLY!

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