Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I guess macs really are easier to use

A couple weeks ago I finally got my own computer (been waiting a very, very long time- even had to rent a computer from my college for one of my classes!), and I opted for a macbook.  I've heard people say macs are more user-friendly.  That actually wasn't one of my considerations when I picked it, but the other night while I was in the shower, Noah was in my room doing this:

First, I'm not sure how he even managed to get into my room because I've never seen him be able to open my bedroom door.  But once he did, he managed to open and turn on my computer, open the photo booth, and snap a picture of himself! Bella heard squeals of excitement from my room, and came to check it out just in time to make a cameo in Noah's photo session. Guess I'll have to be a bit more careful where I leave my laptop from now on.

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Mandy said...

Well ... just goes to show you a mac truly is "user friendly!" Even a child can use it! hahahah.