Friday, June 4, 2010


What in the world is that a picture of, you ask? Well, it's a couple of our spoons.  On the roof. Of the house behind our kitchen.  There is a window right above our kitchen sink, so it was rather obvious that "someone" tossed them out there.  My guess was going to be Nahshon, because he just looooves to throw stuff out of the kitchen windows. (like the time I was cooking, had all my ingredients lined up in little bowls, and he just lovingly started tossing them out the window. He's fun)  I asked the kids if anyone knew what happened, and to my surprise, Genna fessed up.  Here's the kicker though, she claims this happened on two separate occasions!!! Genna, you mean to tell me you accidentally tossed something out the window when trying to land it in the sink, it landed on the neighbors roof instead, and then you did it again on accident? Yeah, sure hun, I believe you.  I don't know the people that live there, and unless they are planning to de-moss sometime soon, I'm guessing they'll never even know.  I however, get a lovely view every time I'm at my sink to remind me of how angelic and perfect my children are.

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