Monday, June 21, 2010

Kindergarten? Kindergarten!

As the kids are finishing up books from our last school year, and I'm sorting through everything and making plans for next year, I've come to a big realization- Isaac is ready for kindergarten!  I really believe children should not be pushed into formal academics until they are really ready for it.  Kids are born with an amazing hunger for learning, and nothing kills that hunger more than being forced to do something they are not ready for.  Over this past year I had a stack of Kumon books for Isaac to work out of because I knew he would want to participate in school as much as possible.  He did letters, numbers, tracing, colors, shapes, cutting, etc....  He also sat in on our history and science lessons. (and much to my amazement, would ask wonderful questions like "what is a pharaoh?" and "where is Mesopotamia?")  He's starting to read and spell, and already has handwriting as good as Bella's.  He'll turn 4 in August.  It's exciting to be taking this step with him, and, to be honest, a bit overwhelming to be adding another schooler and another baby right about the same time!  Luckily, my girls love to play teacher and will lend a helping hand without me even having to ask them to. Kindergarten, round 4, here we come!

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