Sunday, June 6, 2010

Something I love

I love office supplies and school supplies.  I'm a list maker so pens, papers, folders, etc... all have a special place in my weird little obsession with office supplies.  My number one though-

Sharpie Markers.  I love them. LOVE them!  I love the way they write, the way they smell (no worries, I don't sit around and sniff them; I just consider the scent one of the perks to using them), and the way they make everything so........ permanent.  I recently discovered how handy they are for my sewing projects too. (those water washable fabric pens can be so darn hard to see!)  I love them so much that even though Nahshon recently got ahold of one and colored all over my favorite chair in the living room, I didn't consider getting rid of them- I thought I should have a brown one because then it would have at least matched a bit.  Today I finally broke down and bought the 8 pack.  To be honest though, the one I really want to get is this:

Unless of course someone knows of an even larger pack? (supposedly they come in 39 different colors.)  What could I possibly need 30 (or all 39) different colors of Sharpie markers for?  I have no idea, but I'll bet I can think of a use for them. Off the top of my head, they would further help my color organizing of the kids!  (In our house, each kid has a favorite color, and I often try to buy according to their color so their is no confusion or fights about what belongs to who)  For now though, I think I'll use my new rainbow of wonderfulness to make a "honeydo" list for Jeremy. (aren't you excited hun?!?!?)

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