Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Action Jackson

Genna is a huge Jackson Pollock fan, and this is her version of a Pollock. At first I thought she was drawn to his art because she felt she could imitate it, but it actually goes much deeper. She loves to study his work and speculate how he painted it. (did he use brushes or just pour from a can? maybe a spray bottle? was he painting with a specific outcome in mind, or letting the art create itself?) She also loves to make up stories about the art or find hidden shapes in the paint. I personally have never cared for Pollock. I guess you could say I don't "understand" it, and it's hard for me to see why people would like it. I'm very happy to see her taking such an interest in art, even if she isn't drawn to the same artists and art styles that I am. I suppose it's a great lesson in art appreciation all around.

This is a true Jackson Pollock

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