Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have a soft spot for sweet southern movies. The accent brings back fond memories of family. The small towns seem like such a lovely place to live and raise kids, even if everyone does know everyone's business. My mother-in-law recently brought over the movie Because of Winn Dixie for my kids, and I absolutely love it! I'll put it on just to listen to it when I'm cleaning, and I think I'm going to add the soundtrack to my next order from Amazon. Jeremy seems to think I'm a little silly for liking movies that fit into a category that doesn't even have it's own designated section in any movie store or on-line retailer, but I'm hoping there might be a few closeted southern movie fans out there that might read this and suggest some new titles for me. Let me know if you've got something!


Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure about Southern movies, but I do know that there is a category out there that Winn Dixie amongst others fall into. It's a sort of family-friendly award and the first one that brought my attention to it was "August Rush". Let me see if I can find the name and I'll get back to you.

amber said...

I was so happy to read this post. I am also a closet southern, small town movie, Because of Winn Dixie lover. LOL! I am so glad we are related.