Friday, July 10, 2009

That's all you, dad

Jeremy and I have agreed that there are certain things he gets to (has to) handle when it comes to the boys, and there are certain things I get to (have to) handle when it comes to the girls. He's gotten off pretty easy with Elijah, but I'm a little glad he has Isaac to deal with because it makes it more fair that I have to deal with Bella.

Yesterday afternoon Isaac said he had to go potty, and then ran outside. Isaac has been potty trained since shortly after his 2nd birthday, so I was a little curious why he said that and ran outside. I followed him out just in time to see him drop his shorts and "water" the garden! I'm glad none of the neighbors were out to see this, but I'm betting this wasn't the first time. I think it's time to have a chat with your son daddy!

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