Saturday, July 25, 2009

Everything I need to know, I learned in Genesis

We started our new science book this week, and I must say we are off to a fantastic start! The kids love this book, tonight they were begging me to pleeeaase do a science lesson. Before we even cracked the cover though, we talked about the title. Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. What does that mean, they wondered. I decided the best place to start in explaining this was the beginning; the very beginning that is. We read through and discussed Genesis 1. I personally can't think of a better way to start any science curriculum than to remind ourselves who, when, and why everything was created.

This particular science book truly is a wonderfully put together book. It is written in a way that reads aloud very well. (when I read from the book it doesn't sound like dull text, it sounds like I'm just having a great conversation with my kids) The kids were thrilled to learn they have already received the fancy and very official sounding title of Zoologist. Bella was so impressed with herself for earning this honor so quickly, she has taken it upon herself to make sure Micaiah receives his zoology badge as soon as possible. He is starting with the study of penguins, and learning most of the information with the help of Panguia, Bella's large cuddly penguin that clucks like a chicken. Panguia didn't fit in all that well down at the south pole, so she decided she'd be better off taking up residence with Bella. She's much happier here and spends much of her time clucking around the house and trading fashion accessories with Bella. Anyway.......

Here is Genna's drawing from when we were learning about Kingdom, Phylum, and Class. (phylum and class drawings are on different pages) I know the pic is a little blurry, but you get the idea.

included in this picture is a lizard, crab, frog, snake, caterpillar, penguin, rainbow dog, turtle, butterfly, purple cat, purple pony, dalmatian, beetle, and lady bug

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Kerry said...

We're going be to starting their General Science curriculum this fall with the boys and are equally excited about what we've seen in this series! It's great to read another glowing review!