Thursday, July 9, 2009

not IF, but WHEN?

Genna has sort of had her eye on American Girl dolls for a few years now, but we've yet to give in and get one for her. (she's never been much of a doll girl, and I can't justify the $95 price tag for something that may or may not hold her interest for a long time) Genna has always liked to play with animal toys, but over the past year I've noticed her slowly gaining more interest in dolls. A few weeks ago she actually dug out her Barbies, and carried them with her everywhere. Recently Jeremy and I set up an allowance system for the kids based on chores, and last weekend Genna treated herself to a singing Hannah Montana doll with the money she had earned. She is just head over heals for this doll, and a couple days ago she came to me and said she wanted to buy an American Girl Felicity doll. We went on line and I showed her how much they cost, and then we laid out just how many chores she would have to do to earn enough money. I told her it would probably take her about 5 months to save up the money, but when I told Jeremy about her plans he said she'll probably have that doll within two months. Genna is one of those kids that once she sets her mind to something, she works hard to see it through. The next day Genna came to me (and impressed me with her improved math skills) to show me her plan on how she is going to earn enough money in just 3 weeks time. While I think 3 weeks might be pushing it a bit, I won't be the least bit surprised if she pulls it off!


Kerry said...

That's awesome, Aubrey! Gotta love those goal oriented kids. They'll go far in life.

Kerry said...

How's it coming along? Is she getting close?